Pediatric Dental Emergency


Pediatric Dental Emergency

My Child’s Tooth Got Knocked Out!

Pediatric Dental EmergencyChildren are prone to injuries, either from falling or having fights with their friends. Some injuries involve the dental region, e.g. teeth gets knocked out from the oral cavity. Studies have shown that avulsed teeth are rather common among school children, and hence, precaution and the know-how is required to handle the situation during its occurrence. When a child’s teeth get knocked out, do you know what should be done?

When a child’s tooth has been knocked out by accident, it is crucial to get to the dentist quickly. It is also important to avoid damaging the tooth even more by holding the tooth in the crown area and immerse the tooth in a cup of milk or saliva. If that is not possible, quickly run clean water over the tooth and have the child hold onto the tooth by the side. Another alternative is to try slipping the tooth back into the original socket. Many times, it will slip right in. However, make sure it’s facing the right way. Remember not to try to force it into the socket. If it doesn’t go back into place easily and without pressure, then just maintain it moist while you get to the dentist as soon as you can.

Keeping the tooth in one of these solutions helps preserve cells on the root. This step is crucial to maintain the cells at the root area alive and the nerve vital for implantation later at the dentist office. Reimplantation works better if the root has some growth left, as the open apex can allow for revascularization of the tooth. Typically after it is reimplanted, a wire is bonded to splint the tooth to other teeth for initial healing to occur. The dentist will monitor the mobility and the radiographic appearance of the tooth. After it is somewhat stable, it is likely that a type of root canal therapy will be done, and the healing of the tooth will continue to be monitored. Some possible complications are resorption (inside the tooth or on the outside of the root), and ankylosis where the tooth fuses to the surrounding bone. If it’s a permanent tooth, the child will have to go for an artificial replacement. Before that, a proper dental investigation will need to be done, to check if the gum tissue has undergone any trauma, and to check for root parts.

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