Why do we have baby teeth?


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Why do we have baby teeth?

Baby Teeth in Waldorf, MDDo you remember losing your baby teeth and waiting for the tooth fairy to pick them up and leave you some cash? This tradition is one of the joys of childhood, but not many of us know why it is we have baby teeth in the first place. Curious as to why we have baby teeth? Keep reading to find out!

Formally known as deciduous mandibular central incisors, baby teeth play a rather crucial role for dental health throughout a lifetime. There are only about 20 baby teeth (or primary teeth) that erupt in children who range in age from 6 months old to 2 years old, and they will begin falling out when the adult teeth begin growing in.

You may not think baby teeth are important, but think again. They are. While the obvious reason why we need baby teeth is because they make it easy to chew, they are essential for proper speech development and they are necessary for normal oromuscular functions, this is not all they do. Baby teeth also preserve space in your mouth for your adult teeth to grow in straight and in line. This is why the removal of a baby tooth due to cavities can cause the permanent adult teeth to crowd.

The way your kid’s baby teeth are cared for really can make all the difference in his or her smile as a young adult. Straighter teeth also mean your kiddo might not need braces or orthodontic surgeries later in life. To ensure baby teeth are properly maintained, it’s recommended you teach your little one how to properly brush at an early age. Make sure your child is also attending his or her regular check ups at the dentist and set aside some time to teach him or her how to floss.

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