Frequently Asked Questions

Are you currently accepting new patients?

Yes, and we’d love to see you in our office soon!

What insurance do you participate with?

Our office accepts a variety of insurance plans. Please call us and one of our friendly team members will help you determine whether we accept your insurance.

How old should my child be for his or her first dental visit?

We recommend bringing your child for her first visit around the first birthday. However, it’s never too early to bring your baby, and some parents will make the first visit as soon as the first tooth erupts!

Do you provide silver (amalgam) or white (composite) fillings?

Actually we provide both types of fillings. Though we prefer to use tooth-colored fillings whenever possible, we tailor our decision based on individual situations. Your dentist will discuss the possibilities and options with you before beginning any treatment, so that you know your child is getting the best restoration possible for his needs.

09Does anyone in your office speak Spanish?

¡Sí! Se habla español, aqui. Two of our doctors speak Spanish.

Do you provide sedation dentistry?

Yes, we understand that some patients have dental anxieties, or may need extensive work requiring sedation. We use oral sedation, a safe and simple method that does not involve an IV. We also have treatment privileges at several local hospitals so that we can admit kids who need whole mouth rehabilitation under general anesthesia.

Are you open on Saturdays and do you have office tours?

Not at this time, but we’d love to see you during our regular office hours