Pros and Cons of a Baby Pacifier


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Pros and Cons of Baby Pacifiers

Pros and Cons of PacifiersWhether you choose to call it a binky or whether you prefer to call it a “paci”, a pacifier is one of the things that parents depend on to calm and comfort their babies. However, those plastic pacifiers could be doing your child more harm than good. Take a look at just some of the pros and cons of baby pacifiers so you can determine if the risks outweigh the convenience of them.


The obvious advantage of letting your little one suck on a baby pacifier is that he or she will be soothed and comforted, thus allowing him or her to easily and quickly fall into a peaceful sleep. Letting your baby sleep with a pacifier in his or her mouth is also known to lower the chances of him or her being affected by SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). This is because it keeps your child’s airway open, allowing him or her to breathe easily.


While a baby pacifier might help relax a fussy baby, they also unfortunately come with their dangers. As a matter of fact, pediatric dentists recommended parents only let their children use pacifiers for a brief period of time during early infancy. This is because continual or prolonged use of baby pacifiers can cause your child to suffer from dental problems as a teen and as an adult. Some studies have also shown that extended use of a baby pacifier can lead to an increased number of ear infections.

A baby pacifier can be a life saver but it can also pose long term complications for a growing kid. It’s best to consult with your pediatric dentist or pediatrician to learn more about when it’s time to wean your kiddo off of his or her pacifier. It might actually be sooner than you think!

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